Aktivitiäten - Museen in Dresden ansehen

museums in Dresden

Erich – Kästner - Museum

The interactive micro-museum invites visitors of all generations to discover the achievments of Kästner by modern media-technic.

Erich-Kästner-Museum, Antonstr. 1, Tel.: +49 (0)351 / 80 45 086;

su - tue 10 am - 6pm , wed 10am - 8pm; www.erich-kaestner-museum.de

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum - about the humans

From "the glossy human" to "live and die", "eat and drink", "sexuality", "remembering, thinking, learning" "moving" and "beauty, skin and hair" there is a lot to discover in the hygienic museum. In the kinder-museum listenign, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting are focused. On about 500 m² children between 4 and 12 years together with the parents and friends can learn, make experiments and can have a lot of fun.

Open: Tue.-Sut. und holideays 10-18 Uhr

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Lingnerplatz 1, Tel: (0351) 48 46 – 0


Verkehrsmuseum - traffic museum in Dresden

A lot to discover: 

historic vehicles and an area for children to drive and to discover the traffic. The museum contains historic trams, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, an exhibition of airplanes,ships and much more.


Rome 312 in the Gasometer

The asisi-panorama "Rom 312" shows the an excellent view of the architectonical glamour of Rome and lets you take part in the antique life once in Rome.

 Panometer Dresden GmbH, Gasanstaltstraße 8b Tel: +49 (0) 3 51/8 60 39 40, www.asisi.de

 Mon. closed, Tue to Fri: 10 am - 5 pm , Sat., Sun. & holidays: 10am - 6 pm



Detective-Training in Dresden 

(for family with max. 4 childs between 8 and 14 years)

For the 3-level-training you and your children need 2 days of time. 

Part oft the training is the riddle that leads you trough the historic city of Dresden. A search for traces with all senses in the Deutsche-Hygiene-Museum, the using of the camera obscura up to the coding of messages. Additionally a complicated criminal case is to be solved. The children get the most important instructions and a detective-identification that is used as ticket for families in the museums.At the end of the training the detective-idetification will be completed with foto and the self-chosen name will be inserted.


level 1: City-Riddle - The big Unknown: Dresden

(ca. 2 hours)

level 2: Searching traces with all senses – Training in the Deutschen Hygiene-Museum, the museum of humans

( ca. 1,5 - 2 hours)

level 3: tricks and tipps a detective must know and can to solve a criminal case. - Training in den Technischen Sammlungen Dresden (technical collections Dresden) (ca. 1,5 - 2 hours)

price per family: 40 €

 Duration: 2 days